The scary tour:

Dark tour


Copenhagen is not as old as London or Paris but it sure got its pile of tales from the deep dark pit.

Like in other cities, it is after dark that the creatures of the night crawls out to scare and hunt the living.

Join Copenhagen Weirdwalks for a journey into the darkness of Copenhagen and hear the grim and ghastly tales from the dark side. Some of the stories are about tortured witches burned at the stake, the hauntings in the pedestrian street, red-cloathed excecutioners, unsettled ghosts and lots more.

Buy they way, did you know that in Copenhagen, you actually have a 86% chance to “meet” the devil himself?



Private tour


We have no open English tours for the moment, but you are very welcome to contact us for a special offer of a very special tour.

All our tours start and end in the center of copenhagen.

Duration for all tours is about 1 1/2 hour.

Phone: +45 3117 7727