the weird tour :

Twisted tour


Twisted Tour is probably the most hilarious and quirky city walk you can find in all of Copenhagen. It is just simply Copenhagen with a twist!

On the tour, you will experience all the things you can find in your guide book, eg. the Copenhagen Cathedral and the Round Tower, and we will give you the ”nice and decent” versions of the stories first, before giving you the tales that you won’t find in any books, nor any other guide dares to tell you. Because we  will reveal all the funny, dirty and shocking, but absolutely true accounts (with the exception of a tale or two) about the city’s wild and crazy aspects of the good old days: The twisted side of Copenhagen. Prepare to laugh a lot – and shiver a bit.


Private tour


We have no open English tours for the moment, but you are very welcome to contact us for a very special offer of a very special tour.

All our tours start and end in the center of copenhagen.

Duration for all tours is about 1 1/2 hour.

Phone: +45 3117 7727